Security advantage

Sify addresses security concerns through a multi-layered approach across its Data Centre, Network and Cloud Infrastructure services. The Cloud Infrastructure, by default, is provided with software/hardware firewall and the backdoors in OS/DB are closed by security teams to avoid malicious attacks. Additionally, Managed Security services (FortKnox/DDoS) can be overlaid over standard cloud services to reduce further security risks. Sify’s Managed Security center is operated by a trained and experienced security team supported by state-of-art security monitoring and management tools.

Sify is also India’s first SSAE-16 cloud certified provider, assuring customers of confidentiality, integrity and availability of business services at all times.

Sify’s Managed Security services include:

  • mandatory software and hardware firewall for all tenants
  • OS/DB hardening to close the vulnerable ports
  • segregated Virtual Local Area Network
  • patch management at regular intervals
  • vulnerability analysis for networks, applications and databases
  • 24/7 SOC monitoring - Incident Response and Cause Analysis
  • intrusion detection systems
  • intrusion prevention systems
  • Data Encryption- for data in rest (tapes, disks) and transit (wire)
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